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She Just Wanna Have a Good Day

Chris Burch's Hampton Home

It’s about that time for me, when I decide what I’m bringing with me into the new year. December is a very cleansing month for me. I try my best to let of anything that is no longer serving me (clothing, shoes, people, clutter in my space) to create room for the new blessings that I am expecting.

I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions but I am when it comes to my personal new year: my birthday.

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5 Style Lessons Courtesy of How to Get Away with Murder’s Michaela Pratt

Here on The City, we are all about cultivating personal style, luckily, we can look to some of our favorite celebrities for a few style lessons.


I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with my life on Thursday nights for the next two months. I’d been in a committed relationship with Shonda Rhimes, her primetime shows, and a good pour of red in a mason jar.

And now, it’s gone.


Winter break or some mess.

In its absence, I’ve taken to scouring the Internet for outfit inspiration courtesy of How to Get Away with Murder’s Micheala (Makaylah? Mikalah? Buller?) Pratt. I hope this doesn’t come off the wrong way, but she is everything sartorially that I hoped Viola would be. Whip smart and stylish to boot. My kind of girl. Aside from that whole Aiden debacle because #GWORL.

In my research, I noticed a few patterns that I would like to apply to myself, and so, here where are, with five style lessons courtesy of Ms. Pratt.

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Why Don’t You… Wear Novelty Tights?

‘Why Don’t You’ is my weekly tribute to legendary editor Diana Vreeland who penned a column of the same name for Harper’s Bazaar for 26 years begging, “Don’t just be your ordinary dull self. Why don’t you be ingenious and make yourself into something else?”

Skyline Tights

It’s the worst time of the year for me.

“I know you’re crusading against coats and sensible clothing, but, it’s time,” ______ said over the weekend.

It was easy to get away without wearing tights and actual coats in the city with weather that would be in the high 50s one day, low 40s another, before landing back in the 50s.

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To Wear the Coat or To Not Wear the Coat

How to wear H&M'S faux fur coat

In college, I had this sociology class that I really enjoyed. Once, I don’t remember the exact assignment but we had to talk about a time when we had to be the first one to do something, spurring change.

I remember talking about my decision to wear a coat.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you know that time during the fall when it is chilly but not quite cold? And if you put a coat on you look like an old lady with brittle bones or like you’re eager to wear your winter coat?

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