ATTENTION! How to Incorporate Military Touches into your Look

ATTENTION! How to Incorporate Military Touches into your Look


Last weekend–wait, was it last weekend?–I went on a date to see Lincoln with my parents. You guys know that I’m a bit of a history geek on the low so you can imagine I was excited for numerous reasons. And then I get in theater and found myself being distracted by something completely random: the men in their military garb.

I’m serious. The way the jackets hit just so on the hips with their pants tucked into, get this, over-the-knee-boots made me want to try and recreate this look for myself. But, you know, as a girly civilian kind-of obsessed with wearing men’s clothing. So I headed to my new favorite place, Macy’ to see how I could incorporate military touches into my wardrobe.

I like the idea of wearing a military blazer over a skater dress with rugged, masculine riding boots. Too keep things from looking too costume-y, like you legit think you’re one of General George Gordon’s Meade’s (wo)men, a top knot, red lips and lashes that pop give the look more of a fashion edge.

Speaking of Macy’s, I want to thank you all for your kind words via Twitter and Instagram as I shared snapshots of what was going on behind the scenes in New York as I filmed a segment for their #SavvyShopper campaign. It was a long day but being with fun ladies like Hallie, Ashley and Tammy made the time fly by. I mean, the picture below is pretty indicative of our time together. Granted we were all at least 5 cups of coffee in but hey:

Left to Right: Ashley, Tammy, Me, Robert from Glam, Bianca from Glam, Hallie

I can’t wait to share more from the shoot. Ashley there is wearing a military jacket, isn’t that cute?? What are you feelings on military touches? Yay or nay?

From exciting events to the latest trends, amazing contests to everyday values, Macy’s has been making magic for over 150 years!

p.s. Compensation was provided by Macy’s via Glam Media.  That’s a true story about me being obsessed with the men and their over-the-knee-boots. Don’t judge me.


  • Danielle

    You are so cute! I got to hang with Tammy and Robert during the summer—love them! Also love Macy’s so I can’t wait to see the final pics :)

    • Channing in the City

      Thank you, Danielle! Aren’t they great, it was fun working with them :)

  • http://Website Eugenia Russell Hargrove

    Yay to military touches and Macy’s Herald Square store!!

    • Channing in the City

      I agree!

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  • Maven

    I’ve always loved the military look, and acquired a number of pieces over the years. Your collage is nicely put together.

    • Channing in the City

      Thank you! I’ve always loved this trend, too :)

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  • April

    Love the boots but its the black long sleeved blouse with steel button accents a lot more. I recently bought something similar in style from WHBM,thanks for sharing!

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