I was on the fence about wearing wedge sneakers for a long time. But when one of my BFFs said that she had been looking for wedge sneakers, I knew just the pair to get her for Christmas. The infamous Target wedge sneakers.

Sidenote, are you guys following TargetDoesItAgain on Instagram? Two women take pictures of themselves wearing all kinds of cute things currently sold in Target. So, when then they uploaded a picture saying that the sneakers were back in stock, I had decided to get a pair for her… and a pair for me.

I have been wearing these things OUT, let me tell you. But I couldn’t wear them on the blog because then she would know, LOL.


Kind of shocking, because one, I don’t wear sneakers. I own literally three pairs: Chucks, Jordan Space Jams (is that what they’re called?) and Shocks strictly for running–I haven’t touched those in a miiiiinute. But, two, they are surprisingly comfy and work with just about everything. You’ll be seeing them a lot, promise.

Speaking of Christmas, I’m wearing a few Christmas gifts. The funny thing is my mom told me she got most of my stuff back in October and was super excited when she saw my Winter Wish List.


Wearing: J.Crew Cardi, American Apparel Shirtdress, J.Crew Gray Ribbed Tights, Juicy Couture Faux Fur Infinity Scarf, Coach Legacy Duffle w/Kit and Target Wedge Sneakers

She had already gotten this Coach Legacy Duffle, the Juicy Couture faux fur scarf and the Betsey Johnson camera ring. The ring she saw on another blogger and decided that I needed to have it because it was a camera, and I’m a blogger so duh. Isn’t she the cutest?

The best thing about this bag? The Duffle Kit that allows you to switch up the strap and tassles for little colorblocking. Despite all of these fun colors, I feel like a hobo all bundled up like this.


Rainbo’ the Hobo.

And don’t judge that pimple under my eye. I didn’t feel like editing the pictures. So Rainbo’ the Hobo with the pimple, it is.


How are you girls? Warm? Perhaps just as bright?