5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Gossip Girl’s Georgina Sparks

5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Gossip Girl’s Georgina Sparks

Here on The City, we are all about cultivating personal style, luckily, we can look to some of our favorite celebrities for a few style lessons.

I still can’t believe that Gossip Girl is gone, yall. Gone. My Blogger Boos Eboni, Ariel and I were talking yesterday about how abrupt and rushed we thought the ending was. I’m still not over it. I want to re-watch the series and see if I can spot clues of who Gossip Girl is. Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for those of you who haven’t seen the finale yet.

While Blair has always been my favorite, Georgina Sparks is a close, close second. I’m not sure if I’m more attached to Michelle Trachtenberg as Georgina or well, Georgina’s style and bad*ss personality. Remember Harriet the Spy? I used to want to be Harriet the Spy. Shoot, I still want to be Harriet the Spy. I ran around with a journal writing everything down for months. Ha. What do you know, nothing’s changed! Hence my love for Michelle Trachtenburg. When she popped up on Gossip Girl as Georgina Sparks the troublemaker, I loved every stylish second of her on the screen.

There are five style lessons that we can learn from Ms. Sparks.


1. Once You Go Black…

Hehe, joking! But in Georgina’s case, she definitely wore a uniform of dark edgy colors, mostly black. Black nails, dark soot-y smokey eyes and lashes. Perfect for the girl, who in the beginning, looked like she might not have a soul. Remember how heartless she used to be?


2. Toughen Up With Leather

Eric Daman did such a good job using not just clothing but fabrics to convey the character’s personality to viewers. Georgina was tough, scrappy even, so it isn’t really surprising to me that she was often spotted in leather jackets layered over her looks.


3. Leggings Aren’t All Bad

I know leggings get a bad rap because some girls decided to wear them as pants and not cover up their butts properly (one of my favorite YouTubers Kid Fury describes this as ‘looking like a bag of Playstation 3’) but the way Georgina wears them is gooood. There was one season when she was obsessed with wearing a pair of black lame leggings from American Apparel and she just gave me all types of life.


4. Baublious

Georgina’s jewelry is always huge. Like, all of it. Huge earrings that magically don’t touch her huge statement necklace (I hate when that happens, earrings touch the necklace) and then a huge cocktail ring on each hand. But it works, and always makes me want to see if I can get away with wearing so many baubles.


5. All Metallics Everything

I love that instead of relying on all black to make the point of how bad*ss she is, she mixes metallics in. She wears matte sequins, she chooses blazers with sharp–I mean sharp–looking studs on them, and I live for it. All of it.

I’m going to miss so many things about Gossip Girl. I loved the bit in the beginning of the last episode with the writers, it was like a love letter to New York. The whole series was like a love letter to New York, actually. *flicks tear*

Anyone else sad about Gossip Girl? What did you think about who Gossip Girl turned out to be? Were you surprised?

  • http://www.roxyinthecity.com K.

    I had to be the first to comment because I COMPLETELY am not over Gossip Girls. I even watched the first two seasons over like the day after. Okay i’m lying… the night of LOL. There was definitely a hint in the very first episode that it was Dan though. Kinda crazy. I thought it was rushed and I felt bamboozled that it wasn’t a real 2 hour season finale. And that Jennie, Vanessa & Eric didn’t say more than like 3 words -_-

    But anyway I greeew to LOVE Georgina I thought she was such a total bish in the beginning but you know what she grows on you. Like I found myself liking her the best and she wasn’t even on every episode but her fashion and style game was incredible – minus her little “good girl” moment lol. I think she influenced my oversized sunglasses craze. Her metallics and accessories though? everyyyyything. She totes reminds me of a fashion pr girl. Always in dark clothes, rarely smiling. I’m too into it. 

    Oh gosh, now I’m sad again =(

    • http://Website K.

      I realize that my comment was totally long but Gossip Girl makes me emotional lol =( I’m seriously going to miss it even though it completely lost it’s essentials somewhere between the 3rd and 4th season when Blair grew what appeared to be a piece of a heart. 

      • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

        No worries, I completely understand! Every Monday, I’m like what am I supposed to do now? I think that season 3 and 4 was around the time the story lines got muddy, too. And you’re right, Blair did get softer. Early Chuck and Blair were so fun, too. 

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Now I’m going to watch the first epi very closely now. I just still can’t believe that. Where are you watching? Are they on Netflix? I agree about J, Vanessa and Eric, it would have been nice to know what they’ve been up to.

      I know, after I wrote this I was like I can’t believe I actually like this girl, she used to be so evil! And she totally does remind me of a fashion PR girl, in the movie *fingers crossed* that’s what I see her being. I’m into it too, I really like it.

      • K.

        Actually I think it was netflix I watched it on. All the seasons are there. The last episode had me second guess everything so I had to just rewind and restart. I missed early chuck and blair but I always wanted them together as the end game. The actually sneakily showed what Jenny was up to  in the last one. If you noticed the bag she was carrying, it said J for Waldorf. lol not sure about Eric and Vanessa. Vanessa was actually on the set of the Carrie Diaries when they filmed her part.  Eric was kind of like Judy from full-house lol, so who knows. 

        lol Georgina really was Evil. I couldn’t stand her at first but at some point she grew on me. Totally agree on the fashion pr girl part. Now that I think of it, she basically was Dan’s publicist when he wanted to out every body. 

        Well at least we’ll have the memories && Hart of Dixie + Scandal for now. 

  • http://8ty4vintage.bigcartel.com sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage

    I totally miss Gossip Girl! I too feel that the finale was rushed and should have been 2 hours. Georgina definitely brought it in the fashion department this season. She looked fab in every scene! 

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Two hours would have been perfect for the finale and they could have closed things out better, definitely!

      p.s. is that a Birkin in your avi? Oooow!

      • http://8ty4vintage.bigcartel.com sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage

        Girl naw! I wish! :)

      • http://8ty4vintage.bigcartel.com sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage

        Correction, it is a Birkin, however it is not mine. Misread your question.

      • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

        It isn’t yours, yeeeet. It’s still really pretty! A girl can dream!

  • http://www.ohtobeamuse.com Oh to Be a Muse

    Thanks for sharing her looks with me. I love to wear leggings, and I do believe I am covering up my butt when I wear them. I hope so, lol!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      I can’t imagine that you wouldn’t, Cheryl :) You have such a nice style.

  • http://Website Joy and Sunshine

    Although I’m probably not in the target demographic, I LOVE me some Gossip GIrl! It was so perfect this football season: Hub watched Monday Night Football on one tv, and I watched GG (with my Haagen Dazs rocky road) on another. I like elements of each character’s style – except Little J – and Georgina has the perfect chic she-devil wardrobe. And that one-eyebrow-up look of hers… 

    Great tips, and as always, I really enjoy your “5 Lessons”!

    Oh, to answer the question: I wasn’t surprised about who GG was revealed to be, but I think the last episode left much to be desired. Oh well…on to the reruns and of course, Scandal!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      How cute are you and your husband, though! I love the way you spend Monday Night Football :) I love this: she-devil, I want to work that into a convo asap. 

      Thank you, Erica! I hope all is well with J & S.

      You weren’t?? You’re good! I never saw that coming! OMG, Scandal! Tomorrow, FINALLY!

  • http://alternativehousewife.com Janine

    Hers has got to be my favorite style from Gossip Girl. It’s my dream style. Pinning! Then shopping. Thanks for this!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Heeeey Janine! Thanks for reading :)

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  • http://fashiondevotee.com Ariel B

    Yes, I was sad to see GG go. During the final seasons the writing was not as good. I think that Giorgina’s style did improve, when she returned those last seasons. I think I am more Blair Waldorf with a hint of Jenny’s edginess and Serena’s trendiness/sexiness. :-) Oh yeah and Lilly Vanderwoodsen Bass Humphrey Bass ?’s coifed hair. 

    • http://www.channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      I agree that the writing seemed rushed the last season. I like the way that you described your style using the characters. So cute :) Oh, and the hair description, too.

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