Perfectly Polished: My First Time Trying CND’s Shellac

Perfectly Polished: My First Time Trying CND’s Shellac

I had my very first experience with CND Shellac last week. I met up with my giiiiiiiiiirlfriends in the city for Christmas in January and mani/pedis. You should know up front that unless I trust the manicurist to do a good job, I prefer to do my own. Pedis are a different story but my nails? I do a really good job myself so I hate when I pay and it isn’t up to par. Let me tell you how anal I can get: I prep my nails before I get there. Cut them to the length that I want, make sure that my cuticles are half way decent. I didn’t do that this time around and I kind of wish I did. My cuticles were practically ignored and she didn’t make sure my nails were all the same length.


I’m really bad about speaking up about things like that. Do you guys speak up when you in the hairdressers or manicurist chair and don’t like what’s happening?

So on to the good stuff, I was really excited to try the shellac. I’m no stranger to gel manis, I’ve been doing them on myself for some time now whether with the Red Carpet kit, just using a gel topcoat over a regular mani or my new favorite Sally Hansen gel strips. This was basically the same thing and I did check with homegirl to make sure that the dryer my nails were cured in was LED, no skin cancer scares for me, please.


Truth time? I’m loving this black jelly mani. I’ve cut them down and cleaned up my cuticles. Best part? It’s been a week and no chips. Even with me cutting, reshaping and trimming (bad, I know, but I love how they look) my cuticles, you can’t tell. I really like them.

I’m itching to take them off though. I have to decided between Sally Hansen Insta-Gel Strips, the polka dot ones or Essie’s new gel strips. I’m not going to lie, I screamed a little in Walgreens when I saw those, LOL.


What’s on your nails?

  • http://Website Lisa

    I just removed Julep’s ‘Catherine’, a gorgeous red. Never thought I could wear red but this one made me a convert.

    • Channing in the City

      I love Julep’s polishes, Lisa! That formula is great. Every lady needs a good red, glad to see you like it :)

  • http://Website Lo

    Love your nails. I use to be afraid to speak up in regards to my hair/nails when it wasn’t my money (parentals).  I wanted to give ppl the benefit of the doubt however when my hair didn’t reflect professional work I decided that I had enough. I politely provide my expectations and then if they don’t meet up to my standards I standup for myself. It’s hard because I strive to be politically correct. 

    • Channing in the City

      Thank you, Lo. It is hard, I don’t want to seem like I’m being mean or pushy but you still need to like what you’re paying for. Sigh. I have gotten better about my hair. So maybe nails are next.

      Nice to ‘see’ you :)

  • Kel

    OMG I thought that I was the only one…In the past year I have only been to the nail salon for a mani once because I am almost always disappointed. The last time I went my nails looked better when I walked in than they did when I left out. I mean, I had to tell the man not paint all over my cuticles. He tried to clean it up, but who does that?! GIRL…Have been doing my own nails since! Luckily, I don’t have that problem with my hairdresser, but I definitely believe in speaking up for oneself. But I find that manicurist don’t do consultations like they should. I think they should ask what you want, what nail shape do you prefer, and if you want your nails cut down, etc. When people don’t ask I volunteer the information. Lol..
    Currently, I’m wearing Essie’s Butler, Please. A gorgeous blue…You should check it out the next time you’re in Target! I def think you would like it.

    • Channing in the City

      I’m glad to see that I’m not alone! Word, who paints all over cuticles as a professional manicurist?? I don’t really like men to do my nails. I feel like they are more careless, could just be my experience, though.  That’s a good point about manicurists, they should have a chat with you before you get started. 

      Get out of my mind!! I was literally just googling swatches of Essie Butler, Please vs Nails Inc Baker Street to see if it was worth having both, but since I know that you have Baker Street, I’m going to assume I need both? I’m always up for a bright blue creme. Always.

      • Kel

        Honestly, you don’t need it, but who doesn’t love a blue cream nail polish?! Butler, Please is matte and is a teeny bit darker than Baker Street…but there isn’t a huge difference. But with that said, I still say you should get it! Lol…But I am a nail polish addict so you probably shouldn’t follow in my foot steps! Lol

      • Channing in the City

        LOL. I would feel better if I had it, you know, so I could swatch them for myself and uh, make sure. I just can never resist a good blue. 

  • Kel

    BTW, how do you like the gel strips from Sally Hansen? I was thinking about getting the gel nail polish with the big LED lamp…seems like a good investment, but I am waiting to see if I can use it with other gel polishes…

    • Channing in the City

      I really like them. Love them, even. I haven’t tried the polish yet, though I’m interested in getting the starter kit for the big dryer. That’s a good point about using it with other gel polishes. What other brands of gel polish do you like?

  • sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage

    ” I screamed a little in Walgreens when I saw those” you are too funny!

    • Channing in the City

      LOL, thank you. But I really did, though.

  • http://Website Nicole Thompson

    Hello! I was wondering if you would sell me Your Betsey Johnson Camera Ring???? I’ve been searching for month……Let me know :)

    • Channing in the City

      Hi! I responded to your email :) I’m going to keep it but I appreciate you reading!

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