You’ve Got the Love…

You’ve Got the Love…

My roommate and I watch The Voice. And we get into it. We’ve got a running commentary on not just the singing but the clothing, the hair, the shoes, you name it, we’ve said something about it. It isn’t always snarky, usually, it’s some silly observation that’s brought on by the sleepiness we’re fighting to stay up and watch this on DVR.

There was this one girl, now I can’t remember her name but she sang the very last song that played in the very last episode on the very last season of Sex and the City. You know the one, after Big goes to Paris to get Carrie, and she’s back in New York leaving the diner after lunch with the girls and her phone rings? And right before she flips that busted thing open, we see for the very first time that Big’s name is actually, John? She’s grinning and looks so happy as she walks along a crowded New York street with her shopping bags, living every New Yorker’s –at least this one’s–dream. She has a dream job, great friends, cute apartment and a hot, tall man.



Anyway, the song the girl was singing, You’ve Got the Love, is exactly what I think of anytime I hear that song. Isn’t that weird, that a song (smells too, for me) can take you to very specific thoughts? I obviously subtract Ms. Bradshaw from my this vision and add in myself. It’s better that way.

Want to know what else I think about?


Sometimes, when I ‘m walking through the train station, and I see the ads for TV shows or movies that are coming soon, I picture Channing in the City as a TV show. Like, almost exactly like what the logo in my header looks like. I’d always wished for a TV show something like The Hills or The City with brown girls. At least one brown girl.

I think it would make for interesting TV, and it would be nice for younger girls to see someone who looks like them in a positive and inspirational light. Don’t you agree? And it doesn’t have to be me, either.


But if by writing this, I’m speaking it into existence? I wouldn’t be mad.