#TargetGoesGlam: Tailored Looks

#TargetGoesGlam: Tailored Looks

You guise.

Can I tell you a secret? When Target shot the commercial for the Fall 2013 collection that they showed three weeks ago on the runway, I was there. I finally got to see the final product last night during the Emmys–Kerry Washington was robbed!–when the commercial aired twice.


Want to see if you can spot my blazer on the runway? Here’s the commercial.

Here’s the thing.

I wore head to toe, kinda, Target last week and no one would believe it. Most of the pieces that I was wearing were straight off of the runway. Like, my tailored blazer. I love the faux leather stripe and the faux leather skirt that I just can’t seem to get enough of.


Or my Phillip Lim for Target scarf. Obsessed with this print.

Target does tailored looks really well. Not just my blazer, but this skirt, dress and top all scream I have #MyTailorAlwaysGetsItRight all over them.

Speaking of tailors, if you know of anyone of the Upper East Side, I need one badly. My pile (for the dry cleaners too) to take to the tailor is getting out of control.


What do you have your eye on at Target? Are you impressed that Target’s first show was so fun?


p.s. ompensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.But that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with this outfit any less. 

  • http://whatamigoingtoweartoday.wordpress.com Abryllya

    I love the 3.1 Philip Lim line for target. I bought the leopard dress but took it back…might go buy it again or get the skirt

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Get the skirt! I saw that on someone and was mad I didn’t get that. 

  • http:styleoperator.com Rose

    Love your style! All of your looks have that Channing touch that make the outfits so uniquely YOU – this is one of my favorites.

    Visit StyleOperator.com

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Thank you so much, Rose!

  • http://Website Essy

    WOW! You dont say that blazer is from Target…I need it in my life! Wonder if its available in stores or online now….let me find out.

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      It’s still available online AND in stores. I liked to where you can buy it above in the post. 

  • http://www.cleancutgoutchic.com Christy

    That scarf is sure to take any outfit from blah to wow in no second thanks to that modern mix of leo print and color.

    Christy of:

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Thanks, Christy! I really love it. 

  • http://theageofgrace.com Eugenia Russell Hargrove

    Love Target especially for their collaborations but I must say when you start looking around the store you can’t leave empty handed.

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Trueeeee, you can never leave empty handed

  • http://Website Rian Russell

    I’m a target-aholic!! I know that’s not a word but I go to Target at least twice a week.  I really like the black and white clothes they’ve put together.  I recently bought pleather leggings and a Blazer with pleather sleeves and a black and white herringbone button up shirt and tons of other stuff! I just luv Target,  what else can I say.  You looked cute, luv your flippy skirt.  Your looking like your mom more and more ♥♥

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      I can’t get enough of Target either, Rian! Everything is SO good! And thank you :))

  • http://etsy.com/shop/shopepdallas SHOPEPDALLAS

    I wanted the wallet but was too late. Gonna attempt to try another location this week (sad face). Although the wallet is black, it reminds me of this Kate Spade agenda/wallet I missed out on.

    ~Erica http://etsy.com/shop/shopepdallas

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      I missed out on the yellow top handle (not the Pashli looking one), so I know the feeling!

  • http://proassistantinbroadcasting.blogspot.com/ Len

    Hey Channing, your site is fun. I think your style is very unique and I like that you have a humble attitude. I forget how I stumbled upon your site but I have been following you for quite some time. Anyway God bless you and may many more blessings come your way. http://proassistantinbroadcasting.blogspot.com/

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Thank you, Len :) Thank you for all the kind things that you’ve spoken into my life and I wish the same for you!

  • http://www.sequinsandmascara.com Stacy-Ann

    Hi Channing! I love, love love your blog! I also love your outfits and would love to know what you’re wearing in your post. So, would you be a doll and list what you’re wearing in your posts. Thanks!!

    • http://8ty4vintage.bigcartel.com sun.kissed of 8ty4 Vintage

      I couldn’t agree with you more! List them items for us, Chan!

      • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

        Listing them from now on for you both :)

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Sure thing, Stacy-Ann! Thanks for reading :)

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