You guise.

Can I tell you a secret? When Target shot the commercial for the Fall 2013 collection that they showed three weeks ago on the runway, I was there. I finally got to see the final product last night during the Emmys–Kerry Washington was robbed!–when the commercial aired twice.


Want to see if you can spot my blazer on the runway? Here’s the commercial.

Here’s the thing.

I wore head to toe, kinda, Target last week and no one would believe it. Most of the pieces that I was wearing were straight off of the runway. Like, my tailored blazer. I love the faux leather stripe and the faux leather skirt that I just can’t seem to get enough of.


Or my Phillip Lim for Target scarf. Obsessed with this print.

Target does tailored looks really well. Not just my blazer, but this skirt, dress and top all scream I have #MyTailorAlwaysGetsItRight all over them.

Speaking of tailors, if you know of anyone of the Upper East Side, I need one badly. My pile (for the dry cleaners too) to take to the tailor is getting out of control.


What do you have your eye on at Target? Are you impressed that Target’s first show was so fun?


p.s. ompensation was provided by Target via Glam Media.But that doesn’t mean I’m obsessed with this outfit any less.