Y’all. There is something that I am struggling with…

Maybe I should start with this: I’ve never really considered myself a blogger. I write on a blog, that I own, yes. I also post photos of my outfit, but to make myself feel better, I also like to tell stories about what happened in said clothes. So despite the appearance that I am a fashion blogger, I do not consider myself one.

I am a writer. I write. To express myself. And the clothes help.


Wearing: Forever 21 Coat, Tinley Road Vegan Leather Shift Dress, American Apparel Over-the-Knee Socks, Etienne Aigner booties, J.Crew necklace, Michael Kors watch, Tiffany & Co charm bracelet + Random bracelet

To be honest, I may feel the need to offer up this distinction because of the connotation that the word blogger usually is accompanied by. So you can imagine, how pissed I was, when this, um, former flame mentioned that I should understand what boiled down to his need to be seen.

“But Channing, you’re a fashion blogger.”

He said those words with such disdain, I wanted to hang up on him on principle for demeaning my corner of the Internet. The fact that he would equate my site, that I write for myself, that helped me land my job, and follow my dreams, to a few likes on Instagram?!



Is this how you think of bloggers? People who just want to be seen? What about the folks like me that consider this a means to an end? I love sharing New York life with y’all. I like showing girls back home, that you can follow your dreams in a tiny town. That those thoughts you’re scared to tell someone, you can have all of that. This is for the professional dreamers out there.

As the lyricist fondly known as 2Chainz rapped “they ask me what I do and who I do it for…” And it most certainly, isn’t for some likes on Instagram or on the strength of being seen. (Really resisting the urge to end with TUH! But I’ll show some couth.)


*drops mic*

Sorry, y’all, but this never-ending thirst on the Internet is killing me. What happened to being genuine? Did it go out of style?


Or it is that at some level we all are trying to be seen? Hence this young man stopping for a photo without asking any questions or saying anything after.


Photos by @laurenkaplan