No new friends? Your boy Drake is crazy.

That’s not cute.

I get it, you can’t trust everyone. Everyone is not always looking out for you. But no new friends?



Since moving to New York, I have added a few important additions to my existing day ones. People who are ready to emotionally crowd around you with hugs and support the minute you feel an inkling of a weak moment. People who fight back when you’re too weak to. Butter my toast when I can’t bring myself to eat. People who see in you what you fail to recognize in yourself or whatever situation has you stressed. These women have acted as my legal counsel, photographer, caregiver, chef, comedic relief, PR team, confidant and all around support system. And I gladly do the same for them, whenever they need it.

And for that Lord, I am thankful.


You always seem to know what and who I need when I need it. Despite living on an (overcrowded) island. No man, especially, this [wo]man, is an island and realizing that, you’ve placed, in the words of my personal Katniss slash Aria–or so I’m told, I’ve not seen either of those characters in action (well, now I’ve seen Hunger Games)–God-fearing, young, single(-ish, lol), beautiful ladies living in New York City with bad *ss tattoos and bright futures ahead of us in my life.

Thank you.

I swear, between them, my mom, her mom, and my Godmom, should I decide to let a man into my world, he has BIG shoes to fill. Seriously, who could effortlessly match up to the standard that these women have set when it comes to me and our friendship?

New York should be nervous. And your boy Drake is a liar, just sayin’. And cheers to us ladies, the past three months alone will make for an awesome show.


These were just a few snippets from our holiday card shoot (the final product, coming soon!), I wanted to share with you. Cheers to friendship! And getting into the holiday spirit.

What’s your stance on this #NoNewFriends business?