At 11:45pm, I hopped out of a cab by the fountains in Tuileries Garden in Markus Lupus glitter booties, feathers and elbow length gloves and ran with a bottle of champagne toward the Eiffel Tower.

When we finally reached the bridge where we would watch the 1,063 statuesque beauty light up for the new year, I knew it would only be a matter of time before I felt the tears.

New Years Eve in Paris 2

I popped up the first bottle of bubbly right before the countdown in French started. Arianna took a swig and started the rotation. Stephanie switched on her video camera for our round of toasts. And I felt the tears well up. I wasn’t the only one. I didn’t care, anyway.

Life is good. Life is hard. And it should be celebrated.

New Years Eve in Paris 3

In this moment, 2013, made sense. Anything–everything, really–is possible. My life in New York could be summed up by the first sentence of this post. Running toward something unbelievably amazing, in heels, with the support of some of my favorite girls.

New Years Eve in Paris 4

Wearing: J.Crew Colorblock Coat, Lafayette 148 Rabbit Stole, Talbots Gloves, ASOS feather Dress, Markus Lupus Glitter Booties, J.Crew Necklace and Stella & Dot Necklace (Thanks, Mom, I’m wearing my Christmas presents!)

I couldn’t have brought in the new year in a better place. How can 2014 not be amazing after that?

New Years Eve in Paris 5

You can’t leave Paris and not feel completely inspired. So I want to thank the City of Lights for showing my girls and I such a good time. And most importantly, helping us find the words. I have so much writing do to now, I’m excited to bring several different visions to life.

New Years Eve in Paris 6

Happy New Year, y’all! I hope you enjoyed your holiday. I have so many London/Paris/Barcelona stories to share this week. Be sure to check back :)

New Years Eve in Paris 7

I missed you!

Outfit photos by Arianna Davis