No Pants.

No Pants.

We’re about to get pretty personal here, FYI.

This polar vortex is doing something bad to my skin. Like, really bad. My friends laugh at me because I just about (and have) refuse to wear pants.

Pants depress me. Even in the chills of -8 degree weather–you read that right. Negative. Eight. 


Wearing: Marc Bower Faux Fur Capelet, Forever 21 Dress Layered over J.Crew Denim Camp Shirt, H&M Tights, BCBGeneration Boots and J.Crew Necklace with Coach Legacy Duffle

So here’s the thing, and I warned you it was about to get personal, when I finally peeled off my layers, the skin on my shins, shin skin? Is that a thing? Whatever, was kind of scaly. And gross.


Meaning the Jo Malone Red Roses oil that I normally apply when I am fresh from the shower, skin still wet, that normally leaves my skin soft with a subtle sheen, wasn’t getting the job done. Somehow, the cold penetrated my skin through a pair of a pair of over-the-knee socks, thick leggings and a pair of cable knit tights. I’m out here looking like the Michelin Man for absolutely no reason.


This was, in my mother’s words, some hardcore ash.

And then Valis, my job’s resident beauty girl put me on. I was layering all wrong. Well, I wasn’t, I still need all that mess covering my legs, but I needed to layer the body products, too. One just wasn’t enough.


So I’ve been teaming Mr. Malone up with L’Occitane’s Shea Butter Ultra Soft Body Cream in Rose Heart. Applying the oil first and then locking in the moisture with the body cream. I sloughed off the yucky shin skin with few rounds with my Clarisonic and body brush, and now I’m good to go… pant less.

What are you doing to maintain your cute during the cold weather? Is your skin suffering too?

  • http://Website Rian Russell

    You look amazing, I luv the faux fur. I use a combination of cocoa butter &  shea butter for my skin and it works to keep the ash away and have a nice glow. ♥

    • Channing in the City

      Thank you, Rian! I really like shea butter!

  • Toya | The Limerick Lane

    I spray my skin with a glycerin/water mix and seal with Vaseline. It works wonders. I have skin that chaps and bleeds when my skin is dry. 

    • Channing in the City

      Glycerin! That’s a good idea, too. Shoot, even adding good ole Vaseline over the oil. p.s. nice to see you last night!

  • Erica

    I was in whole foods yesterday and impulsively tried a tester of this Shea butter by a brand called AAA. I immediately put a jar in my basket after seeing what it did to my ash!

    • Channing in the City

      AAA? I’ll have to make a trip to Whole Foods. 

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