#IWokeUpLikeThis and I’m Sick of It

#IWokeUpLikeThis and I’m Sick of It

I think it’s important that you know that I went to school in the mountains. Penn State is literally in the middle of the state of Pennsylvania. Surrounded by, yup, that’s right, mountains.

For four years, I became accustomed to be being accosted with snow in October. Going to football games in blizzards. Wind degrees chilling in the negatives. Only one time do I remember class being cancelled: Valentine’s Day of my sophomore year.

So, New York, I know cold. I know cold well. But this (ish right here, this ish right here?) is something elsewait, do you see what I did there? I crack myself up.


Wearing: J.Crew colorblocked coat, Old Navy flannel shirt, American Eagle Outfitters boyfriend jeans, BCBGeneration platform boots, Furla Mini Candy Satchel, Juicy Couture infinity scarf

Here’s the thing, Mother Nature. We kept it cute when you upstaged New York Fashion Week, making sure everyone saw your show first. I didn’t mind the days where I worked from home. I’ve stopped checking the weather, it is always either going to be cold, windy, snowing or all three. I still have to get dressed and move about my day.

But this weekend it was 53 degrees.



Quite honestly, I think it’s unfair for you to jerk us around. Build us up to tear us down. You gave a beacon of hope that warm weather (and I’m not even being picky, high 30s and no snow is warm to me at this point) would he here soon only to rip it away.

Today, you’re back on your nonsense. It is snowing… again. You know what? It’s hard to get out of the bed much less feel motivated about life when #IWokeUpLikeThis. I’m sick of it.


It should also be noted that my outfit was heavily inspired by Beyonce in “Flawless.” I have been itching to write ‘I woke up like this’ on the blog before it was run into the ground with memes–well, I might be too late on that, but indulge me, anyway.


What do you have to say to Mother Nature?

  • http://beautyandthebeatblog.com Margo

    My friend, I wish I could relate, but errra I’m in FL so the most complaining I’ve done is getting mad when I see rain clouds. Nonetheless, you look adorbs, Love the pops of blue. :)

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Errraaa I thought you were in Chicago! You warm Glamazon, you! Thanks :)

  • http://Website Jonnee

    LOVED every bit of it. And Mother Nature definitely needs to chill (figuratively I mean)

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      No, but word. Chill, Mother Nature. Thanks for reading :)

  • http://www.DianeFnk.com DianeFnk

    I love your outfit! I so love it and I love the furla candy bag I have the same lol


    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Thank you! You have good taste :-p

  • http://clothezandclutchez.com Kel

    First, that coat is really giving me life! And so is that bag!! But I feel you! Someone posted on Facebook that they think Mother Nature needs to get laid…LOL…I think they may be right. She is super bipolar nowadays! I am ready for Spring and I am tired of wearing my winter coat!

    BTW, you look cute as always, Chan! xx

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Thank you! Mother Nature needs something! She is acting up! I can’t wait to put my winter things away, either!

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