5 Style Lessons Courtesy of New York City

5 Style Lessons Courtesy of New York City

Here on The City, we are all about cultivating personal style, luckily, we can look to some of our favorite celebrities for a few style lessons.

Or I guess that should read: 5 Style Lessons I Learned Living in New York City.

I’ve officially been Channing in the City for a little over a year now. When I first moved here, I wondered how my style would change, what if anything I would do differently. While I may be a bit biased (it’s always hard to see something when you’re right in the thick of it), I don’t think my style has changed that much. Just subtle tweaks here and there: shorter hair, new part, new tattoo–considering another one–and the biggest one, way, way more black.

But instead of listing the ways I’ve changed, I thought I would just share the style lessons I learned along the way, as a new New Yorker.


1. It’s Fun to Try Out Different Looks

The fun thing about fashion is it can be or mean whatever you want it to mean. My friends will tell you–with the group chat history to prove it–I love a theme outfit. One Saturday night I channeled hood fab Rihanna in faux fur, a white tee and baggy jeans. The following day I wanted to be a brown Carrie Bradshaw. The good thing about New York, rarely is anyone surprised by anything anyone is wearing so it’s great to figure out how to incorporate a new trend.


2. … Your Personal Style Always Shows Up, Anyway

For all of those “different” looks I thought I was trying out, in the end, I always still managed to look like myself. In a million pieces of jewelry. I think that’s because your personal style is bound (2 falling in lovvveee) to show face in the little details. When I went through my blog’s archive’s trying to pick pictures that I thought showed the changed while the articles of clothing were different, there was still something very me about the looks.


3. Grooming is Everything

I mean, not that I needed someone to tell me that. But in New York City, where people spends ridiculous sums of money to look homeless (should we blame the Olsens for that?), the grooming is that tale tell sign that said people, in fact, do give an eff. Even women who ‘can’t be bothered’ with that sort of thing make themselves look decent with eyebrow grooming, nails buffed, if not painted, and perfectly tousled hair. I love this sort of undone chicness.


4. Accessories Over Everything

I have known for some time that accessories mattered sometimes more than the actual outfit. But then I moved to New York and became well-aquainted with Zara. Considering that my version of making it rain is paying rent, there isn’t a lot left over to split among wardrobe decisions. But new shoes? A new bag? Jewelry? Even lipstick is a worthwhile investment to me. Accessories will make my Zara faux leather moments that much more noteworthy.


5. When in Doubt, Wear Black

I moved here with, maybe, 2 black tops and one pair of black shoes. I have so much black now, it’s scary. Did I become a New Yorker all of a sudden? Where did all of these black clothes come from? Turns out, there is some truth to when in doubt, and for me, in a rush, wear black. You will look so pulled together, you’ll, er, I look like I didn’t spring myself from the bed only a half an hour before I needed to start my journey to the train. But fear not, I still add in my pops of color–see what I mean, my personality still sneaks in!

Um, and bonus style lesson: your clothing acts as a conversation piece. Maybe it’s just me but I think just as fashion can act as an armor and be off-putting, it can be a charming ice-breaker among strangers on the train or passing on the street. Or maybe that’s just what happens when you wear color in a sea of black.

It seems that I’m making a habit of sneaking past milestones. I missed my first anniversary as a New Yorker. My 4th blogiversarytoday–snuck up on me, too. But please believe we will revisit both of these dates in the near future. But first, I have to find an apartment.

What does New York style mean to you?


  • http://www.shesfacingfreedom.com Yasmein

    Happy Blogaversary! These are great tips. I am sure they will come in handy real soon!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Why, yes, they will come in handy soon!

  • http://coralsandcognacs.com Hallie @ corals + cognacs

    NYC has srsly turned me into a black-on-black-on-black wearer. Or a I-dont-get-dressed-for-work wearer… But we’ll keep that on the DL ; )

    Happy (belated) blogiversary, my love!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      LOL! I have those I-don’t-get-dressed-for-work days all the time! I’ll work on that, maybe. 

  • http://floorthirtysix.com Arianna

    Happy blogaversary! I think another tip is learning how to be practical to run all over this city, but still look chic and stylish, which you do well!

    • http://channinginthecity.com Channing in the City

      Duh!! How could I forget that?! Thanks, Boo :)

  • http://www.passionsontopofpassions.blogspot.com Antonia

    NY has changed my style. Never have I been a sneaker wearer unless I was working out, now I find myself creating a wishlist just for sneakers as they are all I want to wear.  When you walk as much as this city requires, nothing is comfortable enough outside of a sneaker!  Plus walking is the best way to see and appreciate the city and I refuse to compromise that part of my experience living here.

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