Bare Legs & Things…


Bare Legs & Things…

So, a couple things:

May 1st will be mark my first full month living on my own, in my new big girl apartment.

I’m not fully settled but it feels like home.


It’s quite an underrated feeling I think, to see yourself in your surroundings. Arianna blogged it best when she wrote, “But your magic lies in the cozy, charming places that embrace us, that make us feel sheltered and safe and a little less alone.”

She was referring to New York’s iconic but now defunct Rizzoli bookstore. I’m taking about my apartment and the neighborhood that surrounds it.


It’s funny, I’ve never been more alone since moving here, but I don’t feel lonely. A little more me time wouldn’t hurt, actually.

In the O, The Oprah Magazine’s February issue, there is an article about creating a home that reflects the life that you want to life–so I’m doing just that. I have to gear up for #ThirtyInThree, right?


I can’t wait to show you the final product. Or not freeze my yim yips off because the weather doesn’t know how to act.

I have already made my descent into bare legs, Mother Nature, there is no turning back for me.

Get it together.



I’d like to enjoy my new hood in warmth.

Photos by Lucy of Lucy’s Pearls