I Find You… Delightful

How to wear leather shorts in the summer

If I’m being honest, New York kicked me in my *ss last week in a major way.

My mother came up from Pennsylvania on Friday to see with her own eyes that I was okay. I don’t care that I’m 27 and I needed my mom. And I don’t care if you know that, either.

It was nice to have a girls weekend of sorts. We slept in. We walked in Central Park. Ate crepes. Ventured to Saks to fondle (and leave with) Christian Louboutin’s rouge nail polish. We explored my new hood and settled on a late dinner seated outside to enjoy the summer’s breeze.

Our waiter was charming. He was really cute with shaggy locks that he shook out of his eyes when he would stop by our table to check on us. After he dropped off our dessert, but before he brought the check, he slowed down as he walked by the table. “I find you,” he said to me, pausing as if he was searching for just the right word, “… delightful.”

I smiled as my eyes watered.

That’s the thing about New York. Just when you, er, I, was ready to write this city off as one smelly, overpriced, selfish, rude butthole, it reels your right back in.

How to wear leather shorts in the summer

And I remember that this is what I signed up for when I moved here. In fact, to remind me of this, one of  the first things I did when I started decorating my new apartment was to print out inspirational quotes to tape onto the back of my door.

That way, the last thing I would see before I left my saged-safe space would be words that made me want to go out and be great.

“Struggle, motherf*cker. Hustle. Fail, fail again, fail until you forget what succeeding is, and then, when you’re on your deathbed, as you’re full of rotten phlegm and regret, you can look back and crack a smile you won a couple, and survived everything else.”

How to wear leather shorts in the summer

I read that in John Devore’s piece, New York Doesn’t Love You.

He continued on, “New York City doesn’t love you. Why would you think you’re in a relationship with New York? It’s not a boyfriend or a parent. New York will never give you its approval because New York City is too busy being New York City to care about you.”

“New York’s indifference to your plight makes you strong. Fall to your knees and thank New York for making you strong.”

How to wear leather shorts in the summer

What’s more, because I like to write my wrongs, this will make for an awesome story when everything is all said and done. Well, that’s what I’m going to tell myself to keep from crying.

New York, I find you (and your inspiration)… delightful.

How to wear leather shorts in the summer

Wearing: MADE Fashion Week for Macy’s Crop Top// Zara Leather Shorts//ASOS Woven Oxfords// Louis Vuitton Speedy 25// Random Cuff Necklace// Covergirl Queen Lipstick in See Red// Nails by Primp & Polish’s Joey

Don’t leave me out here feeling emotionally slutty, what do you have a love-hate relationship with? How was your weekend?

Photos by @angELLEnise

  • http://theseventhdistrict.com The Seventh District

    I had a moment like this a few weeks ago and at 31 I needed my mom and I’m not afraid to admit it! She came from STL all the way to DC and I’m glad she did. A mothers love and presence is priceless. Praying everything will work out in your favor. We will have to exchanges stories in a few months.

    • http://www.channinginthecity.com ChanningintheCity

      GIRL. We will! And we’re blessed to have mother’s who will show up when we need them. I’m praying that the Lord will protect and cover you in your time of need. We’ll be fine!

  • http://www.iriechicstyle.com/ Nika

    Oh New York, the unrequited lover you are, it does make you strong, it builds you, and it’s true once you survive NY you can survive anything.

    • http://www.channinginthecity.com ChanningintheCity

      Unrequited lover is right! But I agree, after NYC, you can survive anything.

  • Trent

    My frugal personality would never allow me to live in NY.

    • http://www.channinginthecity.com ChanningintheCity

      You’re paying for the experience!

  • http://www.floorthirtysix.com Arianna

    New York: Where only the strong survive! Every thing that happens in this city is a lesson that’s teaching you something and making you stronger.

    • http://www.channinginthecity.com ChanningintheCity

      I think the lesson here is to be fearless. Take no prisoners.

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