5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Mira Duma

Here on The City, we are all about cultivating personal style, luckily, we can look to some of our favorite celebrities for a few style lessons.


I’d seen Mira Duma all over the Internet before I knew who she was, or what she was famous for. I just knew that she was my height–or, so it appeared–with hair that was both chic and messy, and she always looked impeccable. A little research told me that she was Miroslava Duma, a former editor at Russian Harper’s Bazaar, who now runs Buro 24/7, the fashionable, Russian version of the Huffington Post. Duma is also the digital director of TSUM (a fancy Russian department store on the order of Bergdorf Goodman). And when she isn’t hard at work on her site, she’s more than likely posing for street style photographers or actual fashion campaigns for Oscar de la Renta’s collection for The Outnet, Roger Vivier or Ferragamo.

Though the-28-year-old stands a just a little over 5 feet, she reads taller than she actually is, giving me so many ideas for looks to try. I won’t even try to hide the fact that I’m obsessed with her (and she may or may not have taken over my Style-piration board on Pinterest). Let’s examine her style, shall we?

1. Over the Knee Boots Can Be Chic

Mira Duma wearing Over the Knee Boots

I’ve always been hesitant to don a pair of heeled over the knee boots for fear that I would be venturing into Pretty Woman territory. Mira, though, wears hers as though she would leggings. Which is smart because the same rule applies: make sure your butt is covered.

2. Wear Mono

Mira Duma shows how to dress taller

One of the reason that Duma always looks so tall is because she creates a long line with her clothing by wearing monochromatic colors. Short hemline, long hemline, it just works.

3. Create a Waist

Mira Duma shows how to create a waist

Mira creates legs that look like they are miles long (again, making her appear taller) by emphasizing her waist. Crop tops and high waisted pants, belting her coats all help to create the visual line I mentioned earlier in the post.

4. One-Pieces, All Grown Up

Mira Duma in a jumpsuit

My biggest fear about wearing overalls is that I would appear 12 years old. When I see Mira in her one-pieces, she looks so sophisticated thanks to the chic fabrics, baubles and accessories that a 12-year-old could never pull off.

5. Coats Double as Dresses

Mira Duma wearing coats as dresses

Now, this is getting your money’s worth! Doubling a coat or a blazer as a dress? I love this. You will definitely see me try my hand at this lesson this fall.

What do you think of Mira’s style? Who’s style are you not-so-quietly obsessed with?