Why Don’t You… Shop Your Favorite TV Characters’ Wardrobes?

Shopping Your Favorite Characters' Wardrobes

Let me tell you, I had a time, finding Michaela Pratt’s outfits on How to Get Away with Murder for her style post. But you all seemed to appreciate the tips and screen grabs (Aja did too!).

Your response showed me I’m not the only one who is curious about Aja Naomi King’s character’s style. In fact, some of my better performing posts revolve around our favorite characters and their wardrobes: Jessica Day, Mindy Kaling, Hannah Horvath and Blair Waldorf.

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Why Don’t You… Get Dressed the Olivia Palermo Way?

‘Why Don’t You’ is my weekly tribute to legendary editor Diana Vreeland who penned a column of the same name for Harper’s Bazaar for 26 years begging, “Don’t just be your ordinary dull self. Why don’t you be ingenious and make yourself into something else?”

Olivia Palermo Style Tips

Some people just make me so sick. Their their skin never breaks out. Their outfits are always styled impeccably so without giving the appearance of trying too hard.  Lipstick always on, nails never chipped.

You know those girls. Just ugh with their perfection.

Olilvia Palermo is one of those people for me. I read Net-A-Porter’s The Edit’s cover story featuring her hungrily, hoping that maybe a little bit of what she has, will rub off on me.

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5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Rita Ora

5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Rita Ora

If there is one thing that I’ve noticed during New York Fashion Week–I swear I’m going to do a recap–it’s that even when you’re supposed to be paying attention to the clothes, the people with true style steal the spotlight.

Case and point: Rita Ora.

I remember when I first heard her sing areeeeeeeeeeeee eyeeeeee peeeeeeeee to the girl you used to see, her days are overrrrrrrrr–that was me singing to you, by the way. And then I saw what she looked and that cemented my girl crush. When Rita isn’t performing her songs like “RIP,” “Radioactive,” or “How We Do,” you can see her hanging out with her model best friend Cara Delevingne, looking amazing. And every single time I get a peek at her outfit on Instagram, I get my life. So much so that there are five style lessons I think we can gleam from the singer’s fashion sense (and her Instagram).
1. Lace Doesn’t Have to Be Ladylike

I like lace–a lot. But sometimes, it can look a little old lady fuddy duddy. The way Rita wears it though, is anything but lady like. She’s paired lace with graphic tees and worn lace dresses with her undergarments showing–a neon bra I don’t mind, panties, not so much. Either way, it’s a very refreshing way to wear lace.
2. Crop That Top

I’m really on the fence about crop tops. I like them when they are loose and flow-y with a sliver of skin showing. Or paired with something high-waisted but Rita makes me what to try an actual crop top. And it doesn’t look like a 90s throwback.
3. Black and White isn’t Always Boring

Previous to my life in New York, never had I ever owned so much black. Save for nail polish. Finding the perfect inky black polish is an ongoing challenge. However, when it comes to clothing, I am reconsidering my stance about negro y blanco. It isn’t boring after all. Done right, it’s actually very interesting. Thank you Rita for showing me your ways.
4. Tough as Leather

To be honestly, this is a completely selfish point. If I could wear faux leather for the rest of my life, I would. With sequins, obvi. I have worn a faux leather skirt so many times in the past two weeks that one of my friends pointed out she didn’t want to see me in another faux leather anything for at least three weeks. Clearly, that’s not happening. But I do like the juxaposition that leather provides to my personality. Leather is here to stay guise, Rita’s style says so.
5. Pile It Own

Another selfish point. I am all about the accessories. Too much jewelry is never a problem–for me. The way a person stacks their jewelry tells a story. Currently, I am wearing 4 necklaces, one watch, three bracelets and I’m finally branching out and trying the midi ring trend.Plus, have you ever noticed how jewelry instantly dresses something up? So pile it on!

What do you think of Rita Ora’s style? Fun? She looks so much like a model in her clothing, I forgot that she was a singer. I will say that she makes me want to pile on the accessories in a leather dress. I won’t lie.

Which number spoke to you the most?

New York By the Numbers

New York By the Numbers

I moved to New York 6 months ago to the day last Saturday. To celebrate, I crowded my apartment with some of my favorite ladies and we created vision boards for our futures. The following Monday I boarded a flight to Michigan to take part in Forward with Ford, their third annual trend conference. So much has changed in the past six months and I really want to bring back my Dear New York series but for now, let’s run through New York by numbers.

1 waterbug that I found in my shower and called my mom while having a panic attack. I locked it in the bathroom with a towel under the door when it ran from me before I could hit it.


2 times I’ve been to the Met in New York: once I got kicked out and second was the proper way a girl should be introduced to the art museum. Also the number of old ladies I’ve elbowed. Don’t judge.

3 flights in and out of LaGuardia airport. Once to Bermuda and twice to Michigan. Every single time I want the window seat so I can watch the plane fly over Yankee stadium. Coming back into the city is just as exhilarating.

4 places are repeat offenders in my Seamless.com history: China Taste (not gunna lie, they’re my most ordered place), Big Daddies, Lenny’s and Osha Thai Kitchen.

5 drafts that I have unpublished but completely ready to go in WordPress. I decided that I want to strengthen my story-telling skills and what better place to do it then here? Yall want more stories or just outfit deets?

6 months until returning to New York felt like I was coming home.


Dear New York, it looks like you might be gearing up to give me the best summer over and I. am. ready.

Here’s to the next 6 months!

5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Sarah Jessica Parker

5 Style Lessons Courtesy of Sarah Jessica Parker

Here on The City, we are all about cultivating personal style, luckily, we can look to some of our favorite celebrities for a few style lessons.

I have this problem. I save magazines. Not all magazines. Just special editions, September issues, and covers featuring Sarah Jessica Parker (the image above is from one of my favorite covers she did for Glamour). I’m almost positive that this started around the time that I really bonded with Sex and the City. I’ve never really been able to seperate Sarah from her character Carrie Bradshaw.

To me, they both are the quintessential New Yorker. Never too eager, looks impeccably polished while hailing a cab, hair just so. The outfit is never anything too loud but you can tell that she know’s her fashion.I don’t know, maybe by keeping all of those covers, I’ll magically end up in New York City looking like I belong there. But for now, here are five style lessons that we can take from Sarah Jessica Parker.

1. Fashion isn’t a Luxury.

So remember wayy back when Steve & Barry’s existed? SJP had a line there called Bitten, if I’m not mistaken nothing was over like $25 or something. I had to have this t-shirt with the saying ‘Fashion isn’t a Luxury.’ Because, well, it isn’t. It’s a neccessity. Your armor for the world. Do you agree?

2. Think Pink!

I love that Sarah Jessica doesn’t shy away from wearing the color pink. She uses it as an accent with shoes or a bag. Pink coats also seem to be a favorite. Oh, and can’t forget that she isn’t afraid to pair pink with red for a bit of a color blocking statement.

3. Cuffin’ Season

Not that cuffin’ season, this is talking about what you do with the hem of your pants. I love that SJP is short and still cuffs her pants because it shows me that you don’t have to be a tall, leggy model to pull this off. I can’t think of a recent time that I didn’t roll the bottoms of my pants. Now, I will say this though, there is a difference between cuffing and rolling your pants. You have to be careful with the cuff, do it too thick and it could veer into farmer
territory. I’m just sayin’.

4. In the Midi

Do you watch ‘The Middle?‘ I love that show hence this play on words. But Sarah Jessica Parker favors the ladylike midi length when it comes to her dresses and skirts. Now, it could be because she is a woman of a particular age, but I like it. Leaves something to the imagination.

5. A Women’s Right To Shoes…

Do you remember the Sex and the City episode by the same name, about being shoe-shamed for how much that Carrie spent on her footwear? It’s clear that Sarah Jessica Parker subscribes to the same notion that a woman deserves a good pair of shoes. One might even venture and say that it’s her favorite thing to wear?