Live @ The Apt

Live @ The Apt

I Googled my neighbor the other day.

I was taking my garbage to the trash shoot when I saw a box with his name clearly printed on it. He hadn’t ripped the label off. I memorized the name.

Have you ever thought about what your neighbors know about you? Without actually knowing you?

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These Shoes Were Made for Sitting

Last year I attended the 2014 Tony Awards but I didn’t blog about it. By today’s standards, does that mean it never really happened? Yeah? Well, I have pics, so, it did happen. Indulge me?


2014 Tony Awards

I really abide by the quote, the right pair of shoes can (and will) change your life.

My very first pair of Christian Louboutins, my ex gave me. They were the ones in my logo. I’ve redesigned since then, wearing a pair that I bought, what what! Now, the first pair hangs on my wall.They aren’t the comfiest but I like to break them out for special occasions.

It’s important to note that I knew upfront these were cab to curb shoes.

But I was going to The Tonys. So I thought, ‘why not?’

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Dear New York, Quit It

I love this city, I hate it sometimes, too. In an effort to keep track of my feelings about the Big Apple during my time here I try my best to chronicle them in a letter to this crazy place. Welcome to Dear New York–a series posted monthly on the anniversary of the date I moved here. 

Short girls can wear shorts

Gotdang, New York.

You won’t let me have not a mother-effing thing. If it’s not my career, it’s my money (or lack thereof, honestly) and now, you’ve come for the one silver lining in all of this.

My  peace of mind.

My apartment.

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