The Great Pumpkin

What to Wear to a Pumpkin Patch

I feel really bratty saying this, but, this fall is the strangest ever. 

It’s either really hot in New York or windy and cold. I just want typical fall — I mean, it’s my favorite season to get dressed — temperatures.

“Wanna go pumpkin picking?”

Sam’s iMessage popped onto my screen and I didn’t hesitate before responded, “Can we go on hay ride, too?”


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Dear New York, You’re At Your Best Right Now

I love this city, I hate it sometimes, too. In an effort to keep track of my feelings about the Big Apple during my time here I try my best to chronicle them in a letter to this crazy place. Welcome to Dear New York–a series posted monthly on the anniversary of the date I moved here. 



Mind if we just sit and talk for a minute? I’m not angry or anything (I know that’s like, so scary to hear, your heart just did flips, right?). I just want to catch up, talk through some things.

You’re really at your best right now. And I want you to know all the ways. My personified relationship with you, New York, is not unlike the ones I have with actual people in my life or myself, for that matter. It ebbs and flows.

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